Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Trim the Barber in WARP Magazine

Thanks to Javier Cuellar Somellera for writing a blog post about us for a Mexican Music Publication called WARP in the 'Bands You Need To Know' column.

(It's written in Spanish but you can translate the page, or read below)

Read here:

"It seems I have transported to Macclesfield, England where the legend of one of the most important movements in the history of music was born, Ian Curtis who was the leader of Joy Division, a band that influenced many others to be who they are today and appreciate much.
Trim The Barber is a band from East London with a proposal for post-punk, psychedelic and shoegaze, mixing well the melancholy of the Cure, the grunting of Wire and sonic attitude Bury Strangers A place to.
Ian Curtis quoted as Matthew Potter's voice reminds me of him. Energetic and heartbreaking, really you can feel melancholy. Ramsay Cooper on guitars and vocals, Patrick Banks on second guitar, voice and third engineer and finally Jonas Duss on drums and percussion are the complete lineup of the band who took their eponymous debut album last April.
We can listen to seven tracks starting with 'Occupation'. It's really powerful, dark, very English. A proposal brit for everyone, I am sure Trim The Baber not disappoint from start to finish."

- Javier Cuellar Somellera, 17th July 2012.