Thursday, 8 March 2012

Trim the Barber on RATTLING ABACUS

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6th March 2012

TTB describe themselves as “wailing fuzztone psychadelic post-punk shoegaze”, which should be laughable since it’s essentially enlisting a massive chunk of the alternative genre spectrum and smooshing them together in the hope that at least one will make sense. It’s like asking someone’s favourite colour and them saying “the rainbow”. Helpful as fuck. However, in TTB’s case, they just get away with it. They’re music is an ominous wall of sound that does tip its toes into each of those genres, sounding like a cross between Gang Of Four, Oasis, Sonic Youth, Wire and The Brian Jonestown Massacre all rolled into one giant ball of energy. No small feat.

‘Occupation’ is taken from their eponymous debut EP, which will be released April 9th. It follows a string of supportive plays on such alternative milestones as BBC 6, Amazing Radio, and XFM Exposure. If this were Scrabble they’d have just hit the triple word score.

I do like this band, they have the kind of sound that could be mesmerising live, but I have to make a slight dig at the photo. I mean, am I the only one who finds it slightly unnerving? It’s like the mugshots from the aftermath of some apocalyptic, cult-led attack. “Marvin was such a shy boy, but we knew something was wrong when he painted his bedroom black and insisted on sleeping in a cage with seven ravens and a fork.”